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Comic books are a very popular pop art form and many antique or special specimens has become collector's items. This program is designed to maintain and organize a comic book collection regardless of its size. It allows you to enter detailed information about each comic book you have, such as issue number, genre, format, release date, if the book is a part of a saga or not, if it's a crossover, and so on. You can even scan or download an image of the cover of the comic book and include it in the book's file. Once you have added the information you need, the database wil file the entry alphabetically so you can find it easily. If you get more information about a particular comic book, or if you need to modify the existing data, you can always open the entry and edit it as many times as you need.
You can create as many different databases as you want, for example, to file all the comics you have about a particular character, a series, a crossover saga, and so on.
The trial version of the program only allows you to add a maximum of 100 new entries. If you find the program useful and want to get rid of this limitation, then you will need to purchase the full version.

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